Fungi Used as Food: Mushrooms

Fungi Used as Food: Mushrooms

Mushrooms have both edible/medicinal and poisonous species, so by the appearance of mushroom, it cannot be distinguished as "This is eaten", "This is inedible".

Mushrooms can naturally grow in various places where many other foods cannot. Besides, they are cultivated in a closed-manufacturing yard through 12 months. They are neither plant nor animal; instead, they are a member of fungus.

What makes edible mushrooms that much unique is their high nutritional value. Their biochemical composition corresponds to meat. Mushrooms comprise low fat, low calories and high vitamin D and B. Moreover, mushrooms contain bioactive compounds like β-glucans and chitin. 

It has been estimated that about 2000 species are regarded as prime edible mushrooms. Diversity and distribution worldwide depend on the humidity, temperature, rainfall and substrates/host. Here are some mysterious and bizarre mushrooms…

Maitake Mushroom

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“Maitake” means dancing mushroom in Japanese.The mushroom grows at the bottom of some trees in China, Japan and North America. It is cultivated as well. In distinction to their delicate, feathery texture, they have a strong, earthy taste and can considerably enrich the flavours of different meals in a variety of sorts of dishes.

Enoki Mushroom

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Known as winter mushroom or golden needles these are mainly eaten in East Asian countries such as China, Japan and Vietnam in which they originated. Commonly used in soups and salads to better the umami flavour and texture.

Black Trumpet Mushroom

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Generally located in deciduous woods, the charcoal-colored black trumpet mushroom has a subtle structure, with gently flared and curled ends. Many human beings use black trumpets with fish, egg dishes and soups. This subtle mushroom should be clean with care.

Saffron Milk Cup Mushroom

Kostiantyn Kravchenko

Milk caps grow in pine forests in Europe and North America and are picked between August and October. Their name comes from their nice saffron colour and the orange milky liquid they ooze from their gills when cut. They are a desirable source of fibre with a nutty, woody taste. In Europe and North America, they are served in risotto and pasta.

Bearded Tooth Mushroom

The Fungi of California

This mushroom species commonly seen on sprouting from living, recently-cut trees in North America, Asia or Europe.Bearded tooth fungus is native to Europe, Asia and North America.This edible mushroom is commonly eaten in China and Japan. Furthermore, it is used for ages as an important traditional Chinese medicine mushroom.

Morel Mushroom

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What about a fleeting spring break in the Midwest and West. With its conical, spongy look and woodsy flavor Morel mushroom will give a feast to you. They are associated with French cuisine. Both fresh and dried morels have their own unique characteristics.


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