Why do Egg Whites Turn White (The Colors of Egg)


Why do egg whites turn white (The Colors of Egg)

Eggs are amongst the world’s most popular protein sources. Millions of people consume eggs daily. However, it is largely unknown why egg yolks are yellow, why egg whites are white and why the egg white becomes white?

Egg yolks are yellow due to the presence of Xanthophylls (yellow-orange) pigments. A yolk’s color is dependent on the chicken’s diet. If the chicken consumes the xanthophylls pigments, the consequence will be a darker yolk. 

Egg white is also known as albumen. It consists of 90% water and 10% proteins. When these proteins are exposed to heat, the long protein chains lose their 3D shape. Bonds between the proteins are denatured; that is broken down by heat. Next, the proteins become entangled with each other and make new bonds. The end product is a solid egg white.


CONTENT: Tamer Yiğit Alemdar